Knee Osteoarthritis Educational Resources

Learning to live with the limitations of osteoarthritis of the knee can be difficult and challenging. With a better understanding of the condition, its symptoms, treatment options, and expected outcomes, individuals can make informed decisions about their care. It has been shown that people who actively work to educate themselves about the disease have less joint pain, less visits to the doctor, and an overall better quality of life.

Individuals can educate themselves about osteoarthritis of the knee by maintaining a close relationship with their doctor and physical therapist. This website is also an excellent resource. Other sources like the Arthritis Society (Canada) or the Arthritis Foundation (United States) have written material, information on the internet or can be accessed by phone. Another resource is The Physician and Sportsmedicine’s Special Report on Osteoarthritis of the knee.

The Arthritis Society
Canadian National Office
393 University Avenue, Suite 1700
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E6
Phone: 416-979-7228
Fax: 416-979-8366
For provincial contact information go to and click on the “contact us” tab at the top of the home page.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association
2345 Yonge Street, Suite 410
Toronto, ON
M4P 2E5
Phone: (416) 932-1888 or 1-800-387-8679
Fax: (416) 932-9708
For provincial contact information go to and click on the “branches” tab on the side bar of the home page.

The Arthritis Foundation

To read more about osteoarthritis of the knee please visit the links section. Links have been provided to other websites as well as online medical journals. Knee injury topics can also be accessed.