Knee Osteoarthritis: Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy is an important part of the treatment program for people with osteoarthritis of the knee. Many people with osteoarthritis of the knee may suffer from limitations in their range of motion and weakness in their quadriceps muscle group. Both can be improved with physiotherapy. The primary goals of physiotherapy are to decrease inflammation, improve range of motion, and strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee; particularly the quadriceps muscles (see knee anatomy section). In addition to using exercises to achieve these goals, other techniques may include cold and heat therapy, ultrasound, laser, electrical neuromuscular stimulation, and direct muscle stimulation. A knowledgeable physiotherapist will be able to provide more information about each of these types of treatments.

While it may not be necessary to attend regular physiotherapy sessions, it may be helpful to consult a physiotherapist for an appropriate strengthening program that can be done at home. Additionally, a physiotherapist can help educate about proper exercise techniques and appropriate activities to minimize stress on the knee joint.

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